Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am going to be adding four more semi-private sessions per week in the near future as the current 26 sessions fill up. Stay tuned for the details.

The Goal Board

Yesterday I explained why training is superior to simply working out, and introduced the Goal Board. The Goal Board is a powerful tool to help clients stay motivated and consistent with their training and ultimately achieve superior results.

Here is how it will work. I will help clients set specific, performance-oriented goals with a definitive time frame. So, goals like "get in shape," and "lose 10 pounds." will not be acceptable. They need to be specific, individualized, attainable (with dedicated, focused training), objective goals. For example, "my goal is to be able to perform five pull-ups with only one band of assistance by June 21, 2012.".

The goals will have short-moderate time frame (such as four to eight weeks), and should be realistic. Once a goal is attained, it will be acknowledged on the Goal Board. Some milestone goals will also earn you a picture on the HTS Wall of Fame!

I hope to have the Goal Board done, and ready for your goals by next week. Start thinking about a specific, performance-oriented goal for yourself, and then let the fun begin!

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