Monday, May 7, 2012


The next HTS social will be Friday night, May 11th. We will be meeting at Mudsocks at 7:30pm for a little trivia. We can only have six per team, but maybe able to field more than one team. Let me know if you are interested.

Training Versus Working Out

Most people feel better after 'working out.' It is a stress relief, it burns energy, and its got to have some positive affect on your fitness, right? This is what most people think of when they think of going to the gym.

'Working out' only relates to a single time (session) and the short-term effects of that session. As I mentioned earlier, there are many benefits to a single bout of exercise. However, the vast majority of benefit comes from exercise training. What is the difference between 'working out' and 'training?'

Exercise training is a systematic plan of action over time to achieve a specific goal. It has three components:

1. A specific, measureable goal
2. An appropriate, specific plan of action
3. A specific time frame

Training produces much greater improvements than simply 'working out.' Training involves committing to a plan (which is most people's issue). The plan provides a structure and a time frame. It also, helps with consistency and motivation, the intangibles that are essential for everyone to succeed.

For what are you training? That is the question. We all need very specific, attainable goals to motivate us. This is why I am building the "Goal Board" at HTS. I will explain more tomorrow, as it will take a few more days to complete.

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