Sunday, September 6, 2015

HTS to Offer Training at Hollywood Sports

While the HTS training facility has closed down as of August 31, HTS will still be offering private and semi-private training at Hollywood Sports Center (  

We are still setting up, but hope to have services going by September 14th.  

Contact me for more info on hours of availability.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Wall Of Fame

Over the last four years, 80 clients have earned a spot on the HTS Wall of Fame.  While the actual wall has come down, the Wall of Fame will live on right here on the blog!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Details on HTS's New Services: Mobile (App-Based) Training Programs & Health Coaching

HTS is under-going big changes at the end of August.  I will be shutting down our Carmel training facility, but will be launching two new online services: Mobile Training Programs and Health Coaching.

Mobile Training Programs

While many clients have enjoyed training at the HTS training facility, the most valuable aspect is the personalized programming, coaching, feedback, and support.  Now, with the aid of new, interactive software, those services can be offered on a mobile platform called Strength Portal.  This new interactive platform allows me to design a personalized strength training program for you to use anywhere (home or gym).  I can input the exercises, details, pictures, videos, weight, reps, sets, pace, rest, tempo, etc; that you can access through an app on your smart phone or tablet.  As you perform the exercises, you log down what you've done, and write comments.  I receive notifications when you complete your workout, and can see what you have actual done.  The programs can be progressed, based on your feedback.  Also, if you miss workouts, I can message you to keep you accountable!  The training programs will be monitored on a weekly basis, and revised on a monthly basis.

The Mobile Training Programs will be offered with either a 3 or 12-month agreement.  The fee is $90/mo for 12 months, and $95/mo for 3 months, and can be purchased in Mindbody.

Clients who are interested can get a free trial over the next week.  Contact me for more details!  

Health Coaching

For new clients, overhauling your lifestyle, eating healthy, and starting a new training program can be daunting.  Instead of falling prey to so many of the Internet, facebook, and supplement companies's quick fixes, invest your time and money into sound coaching that takes a personalized approach to help you gradually, and successfully make healthy behavior changes.  It all starts with figuring out where you are at on your health and fitness journey and then making small, sustainable changes.  You will receive straight-forward, real world-based advice from a trainer over 18 years experience.  And of course the motivation and support you need to be successful with your journey.  Everybody is different, let's figure out what will work well for YOU!

All Health Coaching starts with a complimentary 20-min initial meeting (via phone call) so I can find out more about you and your goals.  The direction and amount of coaching will be determined on an individual basis.  The fee is based on an hourly rate of $95 (partial hour service is available).   Contact me for more info:, 317-308-9274.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A New HTS female Bench Press Record!

Congratulations, Brittany, for setting a new bench press personal best and a HTS female bench press record this week!  She bested her previous personal best of 127 pounds.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Online/App-Based Training Programs Coming at the End of August

I am excited to introduce a new frontier in training for HTS clients... our new online/app-based training programs through Strength Portal.  Now you can have my training expertise, available to you so you train anywhere in the world, anytime.  Additionally, get the support, motivation, feedback, and accountability you need to reach your goals with the full interactive functionality of the app, right on your smart phone. 

I will have more information on this service later this week, and will be able to start developing programs the last week of August.  Please contact me if you want more information or want to get started.  email or call 317-308-9274.