Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Now that the school year is winding up and summer is approaching most kids are done with their sports and can focus on getting stronger before next season. We had a busy youth training session this afternoon. We have a few spots open if anyone has kids that are interested in learning how to strength train properly.

Who Moved My Cheese?

This topic stems from a conversation I had with Jen this morning about nutrition. The Food Rules emphasize feeding your body the nutrients it needs, not just cutting calories. Jen had mentioned that she felt she was eating too much cheese, which can be calorie-dense. Because of this fact, she asked if she should remove dairy from her diet.

Now, some people don't tolerate dairy and may need to limit it or remove it from their diet. However, for others that tolerate dairy, grass-fed dairy can be a great source of nutrients. If you are trying to lose body fat you may limit dairy intake somewhat. But, as the Food Rules state, look to remove/limit sugars and processed carbs first. Then, you may cut back slightly on your cheese intake, but it isn't necessary to remove it entirely.

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