Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Next Challenge

Its been a couple months since we completed the HTS Sled Pull-Push Challenge, so that means it is time for another challenge!  Starting in June, HTS clients that meet the criteria (no physical contraindications) will get the opportunity to compete in the 3:00 Kettlebell Snatch Challenge.  Those who reach a certain level will make the HTS Wall of Fame.

Here are the rules:

In three minutes, lift one kettlebell with the appropriate snatch technique as many times as you can.  Your score is the total weight (weight of kettlebell x number or repetitions) lifted in three minutes.  You may change hands once per minute, and place the kettlebell down on the floor at anytime. 

Clients will be appropriately pooled into groups based on their abilities (by me).  Training starts now, and clients will have the opportunity to compete during the period from June 18th-30th. 

                                                                       Here are the Levels:

Last year's female final standings:

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