Friday, May 25, 2012

Punch Clock Training & More Sessions

HTS will be closed Monday for Memorial Day. Also, five more semi-private training sessions will be added next week:

Mon @ 11:00am
Tue. @ 10:00am
Wed @ 5:00am
Wed @ 5:00pm
Sat @ 11:00am

And, look for details about the new challenge coming in June.

Punch Clock Training

Training your body is about applying a stressor to it to stimulate a positive change. It is usual a gradual process. As I have mentioned before, consistency trumps intensity.

Consistent training is the safest, most effective manner to reach your goal. But, it is not always glamourous, and exciting. But it is the appropriate physiological stimulus you need to improve your body.

I call the basic mobility, stability, strength, and endurance work as your punch clock training. You come in consistently, do your work, and leave. It is not always that exciting. But, it is the foundation for which other physical pursuits can spring from.

It is fun and exciting to challenge your body in new ways. But, without consistent punch clock training, you are increasing your liability for not only injury, but poor performance. Build and solidify your mobility/stability/strength foundation, then any other workout can be whatever you enjoy. Run hills, play with the kids on the playground, cycle, play wiffleball, rock climb, dance, do whatever!

Goal Board Successes

We have already had four people reach their short-term goals. It is great to see how bringing a few, specific, short-term goals into focus can really make a difference.

Abby, Stephanie, Jen, Garrick, and Rick all hit PRs this week.

Have a great weekend, see you Tuesday!

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