Friday, June 1, 2012

More Strength Triathletes and Advanced Programming

Today, two clients were able to achieve the criteria for the HTS Strength Triathlon!  Congratulations to Brent and Karen.  Brent earned a gold star on his Wall of Fame picture, and Karen earned her picture on the Wall of Fame.

Advanced Programming

There are endless ways to structure strength training programs, which is good and bad.  Often, new trainees are looking to do too much, poor-quality training.  As a trainee gets more experienced, the quality of the training improves.  After a year of training, you start to see trainees get in-tune with the details of a training program.  This is when advanced strength training programming comes in. 

With a beginner, you can simply keep adding weight/reps to the bar and they steadily and progressively will be able to lift it.  It is a great motivator.  However, with an advanced trainee, you need to really pay attention to the intensity and volume of lifting, because both of these will really climb to the point where they are too much stress and counterproductive. 

When I write programs for more advanced trainees, I am cognizant of varying the type, intensity, and frequency of stress on their bodies.  I implement a regular plan to rotate exercises and schedule "deload" time so their bodies can recover.  This is very important, because if not, the stress can wreak havoc on their performance and health. 

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