Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Busy day at HTS! It is only lunch and 21 clients have been in today, including Claudia, who brought me today's USA Today. In it was the picture below of the US sailing team doing their Navy Seal training. Apparently, push-up technique was not reviewed. I don't mean to go on a rant here, but why train (Olympic-caliber athletes) with such poor technique? You don't see Michael Phelps flailing around in the pool like a cat falling into a fish tank with his training!

Saturated Fat Intake

This morning, I had a discussion with Jon about saturated fat intake and heart disease. He, like most people were confused why I said he could eat 10-12 eggs per week, per the Food Rules, when everyone else says not to eat that much saturated fat. This is an entire Food Rules live session alone, but i will try to summarize it.

Total Cholesterol has little/no association with cardiovascular disease (despite what the pharmaceutical companies tell you). HDL and triglycerides are a much better predicter.

Eating saturated fat does not increase risk of cardiovascular disease (though prior, poorly controlled studies hinted that they do). More recent, more rigorous studies show no association between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease. Here is a 2010 abstract to a meta-analysis of over 300,000 subjects.

So, eat the eggs. Without all the sugars and processed carbs, you tend to eat less, feel fuller, get essential nutrients, lose fat, and raise your HDl cholesterol.

Have a great rest of your week. I am off to Georgia tomorrow, and will be back open (and blogging) Monday!


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Hi Dan--I'm teaching my kids about blogs again. Just using your comments for a teaching tool! :)

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