Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Abby adding some freestyle flips to her burpee-jump pull-ups Monday morning. Hey, even the finisher circuits can be fun!

I will be closed Thur-Sat this week. Two bonus semi-private sessions will be added Wednesday at 5am & 5pm. Should be a record-setting day for attendance tomorrow.

Clients have asked, what should I do for the rest of the week. I am happy that they enjoy training, but take the opportunity to be active outside. If you like running, try running the cross-country course at The Hill at Northview Church. Or, if running isn't your thing, try hiking at Eagle Creek or Cool Creek parks.

Importance of Learning to Hip Hinge for Tall People

Tall people have a harder time stabilizing their spines with squat and lifting. An important movement to learn is the hip hinge. The hip hinge helps "load the hamstrings," which stabilizes the pelvis and spine.

Jon shows the incorrect hip hinge:

And the correct hip hinge:

Notice the: vertical shins, hips back, and shoulders forward, all with a neutral spine.

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