Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have decided to blog daily about what is going on at HTS and other cool stuff about strength, health, and performance.  I will keep each post succinct, but informative.  The first part of each post will be geared toward HTS clients, while the second part will be for everyone. 

This week, HTS will be closed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, while I head to Atlanta.  So, there will be some bonus semi-private sessions added on Monday at 4pm, Wednesday at 5am, and 5pm. 

Congratulations to: Maggie, Abby, Penny, Ernest, Liz, and Amy for achieving the HTS strength Triathlon (Pull-ups, Push-ups, and Single-leg squats)!
Here is Amy finally getting her pull-up!

Technology is great, but the ubiquity of technology has eroded the art of face-to-face conversation.  Conversation is essential to relationships.  Now though, it is more and more being replaced with instant "connectedness."  Like this blog, texting, and Facebook!  One of the often-overlooked values of HTS semi-private training is the the face-to-face support, camaraderie, and connectedness clients get from their trainer and other clients on a very regular basis.  Don't underestimate the importance of this for long-term adherence and success.  I came across this great article, The Flight From Conversation, by Sherry Turkle Saturday in the NY Times on this very topic.  She writes:

"Human relationships are rich; they're messy and demanding.  We have learned the habit of cleaning them up with technology.  And the move from conversation to connection is part of this.  But it's a process in which we short change ourselves.  Worse, it seems that over time we stop caring, we forget that there is a difference."

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