Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best of 2010

As 2010 comes to an end I just wanted thank all of you for taking time to read my blog posts and comment. This year has been a very fun and successful year for me. I enjoy writing these blog posts because it challenges me to read, understand, learn, synthesize, and hopefully put my thoughts down on these topics in a somewhat interesting format. So much of what we read about health, performance, and fitness (especially on the internet) is the same information that has been passed around for the last couple decades. Much of it has not been validated scientifically or has been written by someone with little to no experience actually working with clients on a daily basis. I like to think that my posts critically reevaluate everything with a skeptical eye. I am not satisfied with the status quo. I am always striving for a better understanding and therefore providing better information for my clients and readers.

Over the past year I have written 127 blog posts. I have picked what I feel are the 10 best posts (in no particular order). So, here they are:

  1. Have You Ever Seen A Dog Stretch His Hamstrings? A New Perspective In Exercise Training: In this post I argue that we shouldn't look at exercise as cardio or strength training, but simply neuromuscular facilitation of movement.
  2. You May Need To Change Your Mindset...: A funny look at people that just don't get it in fitness.
  3. Fat Loss Time Management Hierarchy: Losing body fat is not simply just going on a diet. Your entire lifestyle affects your body composition. Learn how to prioritize your life to help you lose body fat.
  4. Effective Running: Pull, Don't Push: My take on ideal running mechanics.
  5. New Exercise Guidelines for Women: The Medical Community Still Doesn't Get It: Exercise research is often very behind what is known by the trainers and coaches working 'in the trenches' every day.
  6. The Exoneration of Bacon: Saturated Fat Is Healthy: Fat-Heart Hypothesis is full of many flaws. More and more research is supporting the fact that fat is not the problem.
  7. Don't Pursue Skinny, Pursue Strong; It Will Accomplish Both: Women are slowly figuring out that strength training is not just for men.
  8. Soda Taxes and Toy-Less Happy Meals, Is This the End Of Obesity...Ha! Health is a personal responsibility. Hilarious video by Bill Burr, too!
  9. Water and Weight Loss: A video presentation of my scientific inquiry into the role of water and weight loss.
  10. Learning How to Load the Hips and the Number "4": Learn one of the most important principles of safe and effective strength training that few people know.

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