Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You May Need To Change Your Mindset....

I am lucky. I have a bunch of good, hard-working clients that get it. They are the minority, even the minority of people that walk into the gym. They understand that if you want to see long-term success, you have to enjoy the process. You have to become process-oriented, or you will just not stick to anything. On any given day I can see between ten and fifteen of my 'disciples' in the gym, on their own 'enjoying' their training.

I bring this point up because, lately, I have seen and talked to so many people that don't get it.
They are always lacking motivation, but are quick to have an excuse. Clearly, they have not changed their mindsets to become process-oriented.

Here are ten signs that you have not shifted to a process-oriented approach to health and fitness.

1. If you consciously decide to "take a break from working out," even though you haven't set foot in the gym in the last four weeks!

2. If you choose your latest gym based on the number of flat screen televisions it has!

3. If you ignore the sale on deep-sea tuna fish because you were distracted by the $1.00-off sale on the Nabisco 100-Calorie snack packs!

4. If you consume a greater percentage of your Calories in your car than the percentage of your body weight that you can press over your head!

5. If you complain that the gym parking lot was so full that you had to park several hundred feet away from the gym. And had to walk all that way!

6. If you feel that an 18-pound kettle is too heavy, even though your two-year old son weighs 28 pounds!

7. If you spend more time on Facebook playing games than you do outside each day!

8. If you know more than three of the contestants' names on The Biggest Loser, but can't name at least three types of squats!

9. If you feel that a good trainers fees are too expensive, but are justify spending $2000 on a flat screen television because it was marked down from $3000!

10. If you steer clear of the free-weight area because you don't want to get "bulky," but finish off each of your 'cardio' workouts with a trip to Starbucks for a vente frappuccino and fat-free muffin!

There are many more. Do you have any good examples to share?


Janet Ziems said...

Hilarious! Too bad these are true for many people.

Amy Miller said...

Hey! I don't know the NAMES of the contestants on The Biggest Loser....

Patrick said...

Those are pretty funny....all but the big screen TV part ;-)