Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movement-Centric Training and A Balanced Body

Often, we think of exercise training as a specific type of training, such as endurance training or strength training. We focus on improving our performance of that exercise . We often look at the bottom line. "Am I squatting more weight? Am I running a 5K faster."

Overlooked, and key to long-term performance improvement and health, is moving efficiently. I like to think of it as Movement-Centric Training, that is training to improve our movement efficiency and develop a balanced body. So, even if you are trying to squat more or run a 5k faster, you need balance in your training (see chart below). Don't focus on one 'spoke of the wheel' (i.e. cardio-respiratory support), enhance your movement(s) by training all 'spokes of the wheel'.

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