Friday, June 26, 2009

Break The Fix

As a dad with young kids, I know that getting kids to eat healthfully is a challenge. But, what I have learned in the process is valuable to you or me. Kids love sweats. You can get them to do any thing for a cookie or bowl of ice cream. They would eat it all day, everyday, if they could. Adults are not too different. We all crave sugar/carbohydrates. And most people are tethered to the sweet taste- whether that is real or artificial. For most people, they will eat or drink sugar/carbohydrates (or artificially sweetened beverages) every 3-5 hours, sometimes even more frequently.

I discussed limiting sugar/carbohydrate intake in previous posts, but I also recommend getting rid of snacks. Don't buy them, don't keep them on hand, don't eat them. Physiologically, you really don't need to eat every three hours. Your body is very adapted to eating and fasting. Just think about what happens at night when you sleep. Also, your metabolism won't slow down if you eat less frequently, provided your total energy intake is adequate and you are strength training regularly.

Snacks are also, usually, high in sugar/carbohydrates and nothing else. They raise, or keep your insulin levels elevated and keep your brain conditioned to the elevated blood glucose levels.

Eat three or four meals, sitting down at the table without watching television. Other than that, don't eat or drink any additional Calories. Simple as that. Break the sugar fix. Go cold turkey. It may be challenging for a day or two, but you will be free from the sugar fix cycle.

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