Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project 17: Off To a Good Start

Week two of my client and guest blogger, Julie's, quest for less body fat.

Dan made up the name “Project 17” for my fat loss goals, and I like the sound of it. 17% is the percent body fat I’d like to get to by the end of my 10 weeks. Dan measured me this morning, and I’m off to a good start. My weight is 132.5 and I’m at 19.7% body fat (down from 21.6% last Tuesday). A 1.9% loss in 6 days is more than I expected, so I am pleased.

Getting to the gym has been easy. Dan gave me a great workout that I love, so I am enthusiastic about this portion of my regimen. I strength trained 4X, conditioned 4X, and walked 2X. I don’t normally train 4X in a week, but it felt good to do it. The metabolic conditioning is the segment of my workout that I’d typically blow off, but I’ve stuck to it and I can feel the benefits.

The diet is going relatively well. I am having a hard time hitting the 99 grams of protein that I have to eat each day, but I am managing to be at or under the 1300 calories that I am allotted for my goals. I have not locked into the “perfect” day of eating, where I am exactly at the right amount of protein/fat/carbs. Since I’m just starting, I’m okay with that. I am still eating far healthier than I was just over a week ago, and I am already getting results. The days and weeks ahead will be more difficult than this one, so I can refine as I go.

Things I love about my diet…Fitday.com is awesome; I couldn’t track my nutrition nearly as well without. I use it daily right now so I stay honest. Jay Robb’s Whey Protein is the best protein powder ever. It has 25g of protein per serving, with no fat, no sugar, 1g carbohydrates, and it even tastes good. I eat a packet of flavored tuna for a quick, easy protein fix---Sweet & Spicy is my fave. Breakfast is 3 egg whites with a slice of American 2% cheese on a light whole wheat English muffin, and 8oz of Diet V8 Splash. It is 235 calories, 24 grams of protein, and it is seriously delicious.

Getting measured this morning was key. My attention span tends to be rather limited with my fitness goals. I never thought I’d see that decrease in body fat in one week, so it was a great motivation for me to keep forging ahead. Now I am excited to see what the upcoming week will bring.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting and telling us about your tasty breakfast. I am going to try it out. Also, thank you for the nutrition website. Your fat and weight loss is fantastic. Keep up the good work!

Janet said...

Julie - What do you mix with the protien powder? Everything I've tried is nasty (but maybe it's the powder I'm using).


Anonymous said...

You are doing awesome Julie! Keep at it! Jen

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are being an inspiration to so many people. It takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing. I am sure the twins are proud of you too.

Julie said...

Janet--I mix it with either rice milk or regular milk, either skim or 2%---it all depends on my goals for that day. I am betting it's your protein powder---I went through several, all horrible, before I found this one. It comes in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and creamsicle. It's at Krogers and Whole Foods.