Sunday, November 30, 2008

December Kettlebell Snatch Challenge

3:00 Kettlebell Snatch Test

Perform as many reps in 3:00 as possible with out putting the kettlebell down. You can swap arms once.

We will calculate your average power output for the 3:00 (in watts). This is dependent on the size kettlebell and how many reps you perform in the 3:00. So, this means you can choose any size kettlebell you want to use. But, there is an optimum size for each person (too light, and it takes less power, too heavy and fatigue sets in before you finish; I will help you decide the size).

I will assess everyone during the first week of December and post everyone's results (avg. power). We will practice all month long. In January, we will have a competition (with age groups) to see the winners.

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