Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Weight Training Myths!!!!!!!

I saw this at Barnes and Noble. I decided to look through it. I had a hunch it was full of bad information.....sure enough I was right!

I won't go through all of it, but here is an example of strength training myths that are out there (even in a so-called authoritative guides).

"Perform 5-8 repetitions to add bulk. Perform 10-15 to tone."

This is horrible information that discourages many, especially women, from serious strength training. Muscles either hypertrophy (get larger) or atrophy (get smaller) they don't 'tone'. Building bulky muscles is extremely hard, requires high levels of hormonal support (which women don't have), and proper nutrition. Also, while on the subject, Pilates sells the idea that muscles can become 'long and toned' with Pilates training....more fudging the facts for marketing.

Well, at least all of you know better and reap the benefits of serious strength training.

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