Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tolu's Challenge

A friend of mine, Tolu, is starting a 16-week plan of rigorous exercise and limiting his total daily calories to lose bodyfat. He has agreed to have me post his progress on my blog for everyone to follow (and to keep him motivated).

Tolu is an experienced trainee and has been training seriously for the last 11 years. He trains on average six days per week and lists: staying healthy, slowing the aging process, enhanced athleticism, and stress relief as his major motivators.

Tolu's baseline measurements on Friday, Jan 10th were:

Body Weight: 205

Percent Body Fat: 16.2%

Goal is 8% Body Fat

Tolu starts his program next week. We will follow up with him in 4-6 weeks to check his progress. Good Luck Tolu!

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Liz said...

Good Luck Tolu:)