Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seeking Fulfillment

Our brains are hardwired for stimulus that provide us fulfillment. When we don't have a source of regular fulfillment we get depressed. We then look for a source of fullfillment. Often, it can be from visual or auditory stimuli like television or music. Or, from chemical stimuli like alcohol or drugs. Even eating becomes the a source of fulfillment, especially processed, sweet foods. In time, these sources of fulfillment become addictions, and we seek out the sources of fulfillment more frequently.

Exercise training, when programmed properly, can become a tremdously fulfilling experience. However, most people experiences' with exercise are unfulfilling, more like a dreaded chore. Recently, I had worked with a few clients whom told me they have hated all exercise their entire lives. Certainly not fulfilling. But, just the other day, I noticed one of them leaving a semi-private session smiling from ear to ear, and joking with me and another client. I thought to myself, "doesn't look like she hates exercise training anymore."

Many clients make regular exercise training a priority in their lives. They schedule the rest of their week AROUND their exercise training! The proper (and i use the word proper, because much of what people attempt is not proper) physical exercise training is a powerful, fulfilling stimuli that can help people stop using television and food to fill the void.

Consider it for a minute, what stimuli are you using for fulfillment? Does your exercise training provide you with a powerful, fulfilling stimuli for you?

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