Friday, December 23, 2011

Festivus Feats of Strength Results

In celebration of the annual HTS Festivus (from Seinfeld if you are not familiar with this holiday) Feats of Strength this year, I challenged 20 clients to compete in a 3:00 kettlebell clean & jerk challenge. The objective is simple, lift two kettlebells using the clean & jerk technique as many times as possible in 3:00. Your score is the weight lifted (in kg) times number of reps. Clients had a four weeks to train, and competed weekly up until December 23rd (Festivus).

Competition brings motivation, excitement, and comraderie. It was amazing to see these clients push themselves and each other for some impressive scores. I know it motivated me to almost double my score over the four weeks that I trained and competed.

Amy Miller finished in first place among the women with 1,000 kg lifted.

And, Jon Hulslar finished in first place among the men with 1,260kg lifted.

Here are the final overall standings:

Awesome job by everyone who competed! This was one of the best competitions we have had. It was very fun to watch. Happy Holidays!

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