Thursday, November 17, 2011

Training the Older Client, Reversing the Affects of Aging and Disuse

More and more men and women over the age 60 are learning the benefits proper, regular strength training.  I work with many clients over age 60.  They really appreciate the opportunity to enhance their body and improve its function.  In a matter of weeks, they can see a dramatic difference in their mobility, strength, power, balance, energy, and overall performance.  I love hearing their stories about how they can now do things that they haven't been able to do in years or even decades!

Like all my clients, I spend a lot of time up front assessing each client in order to develop an appropriate training program.  Often, joint mobility and stability is overlooked, and regularly trainers will simply stick an older client on a machine.  This practice ignores the underlying issues and can cause more joint discomfort, rather than improve it.  Once you have a good idea of a client's joint function, you can progress their training them along, and in no time they see huge results.

Listen to Judy's experience at HTS:

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Been surfing across the site for a while now. Could you make a post elaborating a bit on your assessment approach?