Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thoughts On One Week In The New HTS Training Facility

After scrambling to get the flooring down and equipment in last Thursday night, I was able to successfully host an open house last Friday. Then, we hit the ground running with 13 clients last Saturday morning. Needless to say, I slept pretty well Saturday night!

This week, we smoothed out some of the bumps in the road, and got more clients up-to-speed on how the new semi-private training works. Additionally, started a few new clients, and had the most semi-private (group) training clients train in one week. Not bad for just the first week!

Clients remarked that they:
-like the location and it is easy to get to.
- love lifting by all the windows, instead of in front of televisions.
- the cubbies and big dry-erase board keep everything organized.
-really like the new equipment and specialty barbells.
-enjoy training in a private facility.

Going forward, I am excited to offer many cool things. I plan to have free, monthly educational/instructional seminars over various topics on health, nutrition, and fitness (which I will promote on this blog).

Typically, I don't endorse or sell products, like supplements, but will sell products that I believe in. Of course, that includes new HTS apparel! Addionally, I am happy to support local businesses, and my client, Jen's, Wispy Bands ( I have a selection on display at the HTS training facility.

Looking forward to the next week, and implementing more cool ideas! And hope to be back to more regular blogging.


Liz said...

Congratulations Dan on a great first week. Look forward to training again today:)

Dan Hubbard, M.Ed. said...

Thanks, Liz! Glad you are training at the new HTS training facility.