Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercise

Last week, in a video post, I discussed a fairly common posture issue: thoracic spine immobility. I showed how the biomechanics of the shoulder joints and the lumbar spine can be affected, often resulting in dysfunction and possibly pain.

So, that is the problem many people have, mostly from sitting so much. Here is a solution. I use the Reach and Rotate exercise on a firm foam roller to help increase mobility of the thoracic spine.

Start by lying on your back, on top of the foam roller. The roller should be pressing against the mid to lower part of the shoulder blades.

Reach back with one arm at a time over your head. Additionally, you will try to rotate 'through your chest', kind of like you are reaching from the driver's seat to the back seat in a car. Alternate arms, gradually reaching further straight back as your thoracic spine increases in mobility.

Keep your abs engaged during the whole movement, as you are not moving through the lumbar spine. Stop if you feel any pain more than simply a stretch, such as a sharp or burning pain, or numbness. Do not attempt if you have a recent back or neck pain. Or check first with a physician or physical therapist.

Try it out. I am sure you will immediately feel more flexible and mobile in your chest, shoulders, and arms.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to see more of these exercises posted. I suffer from forward head posture and am constantly looking for ways to help correct it. Thanks!