Monday, March 15, 2010

Simple Planning and Preparation Versus Simple Tastes and Textures

I received some good comments and feedback from my last post about keeping foods consistent and predictable. Although, I think that I need to clarify by what I mean by 'simple'.

Consistent and predictable eating does not have to mean simple tastes or textures. Actually, it may encompass more complex tastes and textures. If you prepare the foods yourself, you can enhance tastes and textures, easily.

I will use the egg breakfast as an example. I recommended eating the (same meal) eggs for breakfast. Don't give yourself other options for breakfast (or change infrequently, perhaps once each week or two). This doesn't mean that the egg breakfast can't or shouldn't be complex in taste and texture. I understand the need for satisfaction with food that is in your diet. I prefer to make the tastes and textures more complex by enhancing the recipe. Instead of just two fried eggs, make a feta and mushroom omelet with added spices (such as salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper, and garlic powder). So, making the breakfast is consistent and relatively simple to prepare, but the textures and tastes can be more elaborate and satisfying. You will feel satisfied with the meal (low carbohydrates, high in fat, mod protein) more so with the added flavors and additional textures, but are still keeping the meals consistent. Giving yourself other breakfast options (especially like grabbing breakfast at a restaurant or a convenience store) adds novelty and the greater chance to consume more food.

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