Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Weight-Loss Question

Yesterday, I posed the question: why do people overeat and stay inactive when those two factors are assumed to be the cause of obesity? After discussing this question with many people (and losing some valuable training time), the conclusion was that obesity is so much more complex than eating less and moving more, in spite of what conventional wisdom says.

The next question is why do people continue to use low-Calorie diets and exercise to lose weight if there is over 100 years of evidence that it has a 99% failure rate?

No one would undergo a medical procedure that has a 99% failure rate or invest their money in a stock that has lost value in 99 of the previous 100 months. Why do we put our time and energy into dieting and exercise for weight loss?

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Liz said...

Maybe something like Pavlov's theory. There is usually a result in the first few days/week with low cal/high exercise. This we love, but it slows down over time and is not the instant(large) difference as the initial loss. Therefore people loose interest, get bored, don't have time, quit. Gain weight. Try new diet. Loose big in first week etc...There is always the chance it may really work this time. They don't look at it as a lifetime commitment. Instead of changing lifestyle they want quick instant results that last forever:)