Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Questions About Obesity

Diets, exercise, and weight loss is such a huge topic in America. Obesity research has been performed for over 100 years, but we currently have higher obesity rates than ever. So, the pressing question is:

If obesity is such an undesirable condition and a consequence of overeating and being sedentary, why do people overeat and remain sedentary?

Do they not care or can't control their appetites? Are they just not aware of the changes (i.e. It is happening so gradually)? Do they trully make changes, but it doesn't make a difference? Or, is the theory of overeating and inactivity inherently flawed?


Anonymous said...

A lot of people don't think they are obese. They know how bad it is and they don't think it can happen to them. Also, family members don't think people are obese. I had a patient that was over 300 pounds and her mother called her skinny.

Dan Hubbard, M.Ed. said...

That is an interesting perspective. Either, that patient is in denial or has a warped sense of body size. I guess if you see obese people all day long, you assume it is 'normal.'

What about the people that recognize that they are gaining weight and don't want to be overweight?

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that part of deciding to lose weight requires you to think constantly about what you are putting into your mouth. I don't see most people putting any real thought into what they eat -ever. Also, our food is SO easy to obtain, that you can make a huge calorie gaff in 1 single minute.

I helped a very large girl one day after she fell on the treadmill. I haven't seen her come back. I'm sure her self confidence was crushed. Do you think that once you hit a certain weight - it becomes more of a psychological battle than a physical one?
Very interesting and complicated subject!

Here is one for you - have you noticed that our kids ( and us) get fed or offered food almost everywhere we go? Church, book club, scouts, THE GYM!

Dan Hubbard, M.Ed. said...

Heidi: it is a complex and fascinating problem. But, that is what I will get into more with the next posts. Psychology is definately associated with obesity. The question is it a cause, effect, or risk factor?

You are right about food being everywhere. That is a factor, but more so is the fact that it is horrible food. No one is going to gorge on just a chicken leg.