Sunday, February 14, 2010

Warm, Fuzzy Goals

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

-Bruce Lee

Conventional fitness advice is always warm and fuzzy when it comes to goal setting. "Set small, attainable goals."

"Set, objective goals, with a distinct time frame."

We would hate for you to fail at any of your goals. Because if you happen to fail at your goal, then you have wasted your time! Your time training was all a wasted endeavor if you didn't reach your goal.

This is the same warm, fuzzy mindset that kids hear from over-protective parents. "We don't want you to fail, because we then you'd be crushed."

Here's a radical notion, set lofty goals with a seemingly slim chance of reaching it! In fact, set goals that are not quantifiable or even remotely attainable! Why would I say that? That is just the opposite of any good trainer would say. Because it is not about reaching the goal. It is about the drive.

If I can do 12 pull-ups and I set a goal of doing 25 pull-ups, then what happens if after six months I can only do 18 pull-ups? Should I chalk it up as a failure? Should I extend the time frame to 12 months?

This is where so many trainees go astray. A different perspective is warranted. After six months, you may not have reached your goal, but more importantly, you still have the drive. You have benefitted from the consistent training. You have a greater strength-to-body-weight ratio now. You are still patient and driven, and most importantly you realize that the journey is long and you need to enjoy it!

Quit being so obsessed with all these small, short-term goals and look at the big picture. Reaching this small goal means nothing if you don't stay hungry and driven. Success teaches you nothing, it only makes you complacent.

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