Monday, February 15, 2010

Email and Website Changes

I have a new primary email:

Also, my other website, will be shut down this week indefinately. If you linked here via that web page, please either bookmark this blog or become a follower.



Doreen Hall said...

To be honest, we live in a fairly pristine area, so it never occurred to me that my water could be a problem. It tastes amazing. I've been wondering if high levels of flouride in our water haven't been hurting my ability to lose weight by depressing my thyroid.

Dan Hubbard, M.Ed. said...

Flouride can affect thyroid function. I am not an expert, but from what I read, their is a complex regulation of flouride, iodine, and calcium. Having your physician check your TSH, T3 and T4 levels (free and bound) would be the first place to start. If these levels are abnormal, then I would look into flouride, calcium, and iodine intakes. Hypothyroidism is most common in females over the age 40.