Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year of Health and Fitness

As the new year rolls in, I wanted to use this opportunity to refocus the big picture at Hubbard Training Systems. In our modern American society, health and fitness often appear to be another chore on our long list of things to get done in the diminishing hours of our day. We all know that we are unhealthy and out of shape. We know we should do somethings differently, reprioritize our lives. But, most of the time it is wishful thinking.

This year I want to expand what I can offer my clients and readers in terms of overall health. I feel this emphasis is important because nothing we do in our lives is in isolation. All of our choices and actions impact our physical and mental health. So, I want to introduce and use my 'Four Components of Health' model in an effort to focus on a more holistic picture of health fitness.

As you can see from the picture, there are four components: exercise training, nutrition, rest & sleep, and psychological well being. I feel all four parts are equally important and influence one another. No one component can be addressed without affecting or being affected by the other three.

I plan to devote equal time to all four of these topics in the blog this year. Additionally, I will offer more in-person workshops/classes on these topics.

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Anonymous said...

Psychology....interesting...could become a full time job! LOL