Thursday, December 24, 2009

Feats of Strength Results

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the first Hubbard Training Systems' Festivus Feats of Strength! As I told everyone, it is less about a competition among clients, as much as it is a demonstration of your own abilities. I am more excited to see someone set a new personal best for themselves than to see who lifted the most on each lift. In fact, I think, everyone who competed had at least one personal best. Most people had multiple personal bests.

So here are the results:

Barbell Turkish Get-Up: Bruce 46lbs, Stephanie 36lbs, Abby 31lbs Kristie 31lbs

Squat: Bruce 175lbs, Jill 160lbs, Claudia 160lbs, Kristie 125lbs, Abby 110lbs.

Bench Press: Bruce 155lbs, Jill 120lbs, Claudia 110lbs, Sharon 105lbs, Janet 100lbs, Liz 85lbs, Abby 80lbs, Kristie 75lbs.

Deadlift: Bruce 175lbs, Jill 160lbs, Stephanie 160lbs, Claudia 140lbs, Liz 125lbs

Snatch: Bruce 71lbs, Jill 66lbs, Stephanie 66lbs

Clean & Press: Bruce 95lbs, Jill 81lbs, Stephanie 66lbs

Great Job everyone! Have a wonderful holiday.

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