Friday, August 14, 2009

Exercise Won't Make You Thin

I saw this article in Time magazine the other day and had to laugh. I encourage you to read it. I think by now we all are pretty aware of the fact that diet is very important for fat loss (not weight loss, we don't want to lose muscle mass, which is part of the problem with weight loss). The thing that I find upsetting, as an exercise professional, is that the author is relying on an antiquated notion that long-duration, low-moderate intensity exercise is an effective, long term method for fat loss. As a trainer, I know there are more effective ways of losing fat. It starts with building muscle with strength training and keeping your metabolism elevated with interval exercise like sprints and kettlebell lifting.

The other thing that bothers me is that they claim that an increased appetite is bad. They think that suppressing your appetite and starving yourself is good. Your body needs the energy and protein to recover from exercise.
Also, if you are trying to lose fat, then why are you choosing muffins and Gatorade to eat and drink?

And, a whole other blog posting in itself is, why are we trying to be thin? Why aren't more people striving to be strong and healthy instead of an anorexic weakling?

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