Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rate of Fat Loss

After measuring a client's body fat and emailing her the results today, she asked me if she is losing fat fast enough. This is a common question among clients. I turn it around and ask "are you happy with your progress? " Most are, considering that they were adding fat before they started working with me.

I know it helps to give clients some sort of barometer of their training and nutrition. So, I will tell them if you are losing 1% body fat in four weeks you are doing pretty well. I have seen as much as 3% in four weeks, but usually the individual has a high percent body fat (>25%) and/or are a beginner. As your body fat goes lower, the rate of fat loss tends to slow down. But, this makes sense. For example, someone with 30% body fat may lose 2% in a month, but someone with 15% body fat may only lose 1% per month. This looks like a decrease in rate of fat loss, but they actually are similar percents (2/30= 7% and 1/15=7%) when you look at the percent loss in relation to total body fat.

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