Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Fit Challenge #1

Now that it is summer time, it is time to step up your training. I know that having a goal to work towards helps tremendously with adherence, motivation, and results. So, I have developed a series of Fit Challenges for clients to pursue. You will have all summer to train for these and we will have an on-going, competition. I will keep track of times and regularly post them. Here is the first challenge:

Your goal is to complete the prescribed workout, with good technique, in as short of time as possible. You may choose which level you want to compete at; Level 1 is the easiest and Level 3 is the hardest.

  1. Double Kettlebell Bottoms-Up Cleans- 50 (Level 1: 8kg Kbs, Level 2: 12kg Kbs, Level 3: 16kg Kbs)
  2. Burpees- (Level 1: 20, Level 2: 40, Level 3: 60 reps)
  3. Tire Drag- 500' (Level 1: empty sled, Level 2: 12 kg on sled, Level 3: 24kg on sled)
  4. Freestyle Bear Crawl- Level 1: 100', Level 2: 200', Level 3: 300'
Look forward to this in the group training sessions starting today!

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