Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Luck Liz!

One of Hubbard Training System's loyal clients, Liz, will be competing in the Carmel Sprint Triathlon this Sunday. She has been training hard for this event and I know will do well.

Go Liz!


Liz said...

Thanks Dan. I will post when done tomorrow. Hoping the rain holds off till after the race, or is a very light drizzle to cool me off:) Later Liz.

Anonymous said...

Go, Liz, I'm proud of you.


Anonymous said...


I hope you did well. The weather sure could have been better. I am proud of you, too. You have worked very hard. Awesome job!


Liz said...

Well I did it and the rain basically stopped during the race, just a little windy. Still overall not to bad with the weather. I did better than last year by only 1:30 minutes so did not reach my goal.... I guess I will have to do it again next year and reach that 5 minute goal. The swimming was a little messed up this year. I think the timing was off and some swimmers had no idea what their times were so we all backed up in the pool trying to get around them, which is a little hard to do with lane lines in. Still was only 40 seconds slower than last year on that part. The rest was my left knee that I messed up the week before when hiking at Cumberland falls State Park. The knee mainly held out for the race, but was uncomfortable. Still swelling and uncomfortable today. I know quite compaining. Next year hopefully all joints will be well oiled and working well. Thanks everyone for your support. Later Liz.

Jo said...

Liz, I think it's great that you competed! goal or no goal reached, you still finished - and better than last year - and with a bum knee no less!!! So many kudos to you. Take care of that knee! Patience is waiting for you...:-o)
(how's that for a paradoxical, oxymoronic statement???)

Congrats to you!