Friday, April 17, 2009


capable- having power and ability, efficient, competent.
What keeps you motivated to train hard and consistently? I think, initially, people don't like the way their body looks. This leads people to look for ways to improve it- diet books, supplements, joining a gym, etc. This is exemplified every January with New Year's resolutions. However, very predictably, most of those people will have thrown in the towel after only a couple months, only to repeat the whole process over next year (fancy, commercial gyms love this fact, but it is frustrating for a trainer).

But what about the people that stay with it for months and years; these exercisers who make significant improvements and keep going? Luckily, I have worked with a lot of these people in my career. It is rewarding to work with these people. Myself, I have played sports and exercised regularly my whole life-and will continue to do it forever for two reasons. One, mentally, I feel so much better- my stress, confidence, and happiness are all improved. Nothing can hold a candle to it. The other reason is the feeling of being 'capable'
. Capable to physically handle any and all challenges in my life. Capable to continue to play sports injury-free and with a high level of athleticism, and keep up with the kids (relentlessly trying to always stay a step ahead of my five and six year old). Capable do things that most people can't do. Wanting to be capable drives me keep working hard to keep my performance at a high level.

Being capable is a great motivator for pursuing long-term goals. It is a wonderful feeling that keeps you going. When you focus on your performance, you naturally build good habits because performance plateaus without a good, regular training program. Becoming capable doesn't happen overnight-neither does a 100-pound Turkish Get-Up....but I am working on it.

90 lb Turkish Get-Up from Dan Hubbard on Vimeo.

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