Monday, March 2, 2009

Project 17: Week 3, Dedicated

Dan measured me this morning. I lost one pound this past week, so I am down from 136 to 130.5. My body fat decreased .7%. I am now at 19%, down from 21.6%.

This past week I was nose to the grindstone. (Okay, I confess to a small lapse at Bub’s on Friday night). I got in everything I needed to this week, including all workouts: 3 strength training, 3 conditioning, and 2 walking. I even walked on Sunday night, which was no small feat. I HATE being cold, and it was freezing! And even with my Bub’s indulgence, I was at/below my caloric intake every day this week.

I emailed Dan mid-week, ranting about my slow results. The scale wasn’t budging! His response: “Be patient.” (Thanks, Dan). The truth is that as the time ticks by, I am realizing that I have one area that I am completely ignoring. I am working out, I am doing the diet, but I am missing a key ingredient in my plan: the mental piece. A few days ago I read I found the link on the side of Dan’s blog. It’s a bit lengthy, but the core of the article addresses exactly what I need to add to my regimen.

The diet is actually becoming easy. It’s easy because I don’t walk around feeling hungry, and I actually like the foods I’m eating. I plan for my day, and I plan for the week when I go to the grocery. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments when I’d like to eat 3 pieces of pizza or have a decadent something. However, what I am finding is that I can’t eat what I once did. It’s not possible because I am full much sooner now. That cheeseburger at Bub’s? There’s no way I could have eaten the whole thing---half was a challenge.

I love my strength workout, and I do see and feel a difference because of it. My arms are starting to show a little definition, and my legs are getting firmer. I despise the metabolic conditioning but power through it because I know it’s the reason I’m starting to see some progress in my midsection. My midsection is my weakest area, and the one I most want to improve.

So after three weeks, I am about a third of the way through my 10 weeks, and about halfway to my goal. That’s pretty good! My goal for the upcoming week is to get serious about focusing on the positive, and to break through some of the mental barriers I have so successfully built for myself. I am also headed out of town this week, to stay with my sister who is married to a Frenchman who LOVES good wine and good food. If my numbers for the week stay where they are today, I will be thrilled!


Anonymous said...

WOW! You are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!

The Family said...

Go Lovey, Go Lovey, Go Lovey!!!!
Go Mommy , Go Mommy, Go Mommy!!!

We are proud of you!! We love you!!

Liz said...

Keep up the great work. Good luck at your sisters, be strong, but indulge a little, that is life:) Liz