Monday, February 2, 2009

Strength Limitations

As I work with clients to get stronger on the six Strength Performance Level lifts, I notice a variety of limitations. Many of the exercises require flexibility, stability, strength, coordination, and control. Many females just simply lack strength and stability; they have good flexibility and control. They may not have much strength training experience and just need to build strength. As they do get stronger, their numbers steadily improve.

A lot of males have a slightly different limitation. They may have pretty good strength overall, but don't have the flexibility and stability to maintain good technique. They usually, can achieve a level one or two level lift, but plateau because of their technique. They, essentially, cannot apply their strength effectively until they improve their flexibility and mobility.

Another factor that affects males and females is coordination and control. These trainees usually have a lot of problems with complex movements. They need to start out simple and gradually get more complex. Overall strength and flexibility may not be a limiting factor with lighter weights, it may be just lack of coordination.

Although trainees may have different limiting factors, they all can improve with a consistent, comprehensive training programs that address their weaknesses.....which is exactly what we do.

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