Sunday, February 1, 2009

And the Winners of the 3:00 Kettlebell Snatch Challenge Are.....

Male: Clay, with a best average power output of 81.0 watts. He snatched the 35lb (16kg) kettlebell 93 times in 3:00.

Female: Sharon, with a best average power output of 55.5 watts. She snatched the 26lb (12kg) kettlebell 85 times in 3:00.

Final Standings for all competitors (average power in watts):

Clay- 81.0
Jon- 77.5
Stan- 58.8
Sharon- 55.5
Jen- 53.6
Ray- 50.3
Liz- 44.6
Linda G- 44.6
Lynne- 41.0
Sheri- 40.6
Michele- 40.2
Christy- 32.1
Claudia- 31.5


Anonymous said...

Hail to the victors. Good job.

Liz said...

Yeah it is done. Great job to everyone who tried and succeeded in completing 3 minutes:)

Slar said...

Try as I might...but I just couldn't catch up to Clay in the end...4 stinking reps short!!!! Good job, Clay....

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