Friday, February 20, 2009

Follow-Up to Quote of the Day

If fat loss is one of your main goals of training, then your NUTRITION is what determines if you get to your goal or not. Don't get me wrong, exercise, especially strength training, is very helpful; but, the training usually isn't the limiting factor. Look again at all of those female athletes from the previous posting. Most have very lean bodies. But, they all train different ways. They train to improve their sport skills and the physical fitness attributes that will help them do well at their sport. You can lose weight and fat and not train at all. You can lose weight and fat and train sporadically, and with poor technique and focus. On the flip side, you can have a very good training program, train regularly, and with good technique and focus and not see a change in body weight or fat (very common).

Exercise training provides the stimulus to enhance your strength, endurance, health, performance, and much more than your weight. Unfortunately, many see exercise (one term that mistakenly covers any type of training) as just a means of lowering or controlling their weight. These people will never reach their strength, health, or performance levels and truly tap into their full physical potential.

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