Monday, January 19, 2009

The Clean and Jerk

The clean and jerk is the first exercise of the six Strength Performance Level exercises. While it takes a little while to master the technique, most trainees can perform a pretty good clean and jerk with level one weight. The barbell is lifted from the floor and 'jumped' up to the shoulders. If the weight is heavy enough, the lifter will squat down to 'catch' it at a lower height. After straightening the legs and standing tall, the clean is completed. The jerk requires the lifter to again 'jump' the bar overhead and catch with legs bent or split. The lift is completed by straightening the legs and bringing them together.

Below, I perform a level 4 clean and jerk.


Anonymous said...

I want to do that.

Liz said...

You go girl:)See you Saturday morning.