Friday, January 30, 2009

By Invitation- More Group Training Sessions Are Coming

I am starting to offer more small-group (3-4 clients, 45-minutes) training sessions starting tomorrow. These training sessions are for clients who have been training with me for at least a few months and preferably have achieved level 1 on the Strength Performance Levels. This way everyone feels comfortable with the techniques (including me, with you). I will still be offering one-on-one training sessions for beginners or those who prefer the one-on-one environment.

The advantages of training in a group include:
  • Cheaper rates ($16-20) per 45-minute session
  • Expert Supervision
  • Motivation, support and camaraderie of people who enjoy training and want to work hard
  • Comprehensive training including: warm-up, mobility exercises, corrective exercises, strength training and conditioning
  • Access to use all of my exercise equipment including bars, bumperplates, rings, and kettlebells
Starting next week, the schedule will be:
  • Monday 9am
  • Tuesday 6pm
  • Wednesday 9am
  • Thursday 6pm
  • Friday 9am
  • Saturday 8am & 8:45am
Cost is $20 per session if paid individually. Discounted monthly training packages are available:
  • $76/month for once per week
  • $144/month for two times per week
  • $204/month for three times per week
  • $256/month for four times per week.
Sessions need to be scheduled in advance and may fill up. I will add more sessions as demand increases.

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Liz said...

Dan I will probably have some questions about this tomorrow morning. For example what if you have to change from week to week when you can attend etc... a plan of training for the rest of the week to keep well rounded etc...already paid for several individual lessons. not exactly sure what I am suppose to pay tomorrow morning till have figured out the new routine.