Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Integrative Approach

Muscle and joint aches and pains are a part of many people's lives. A strain here, a tweak there. Every once and a while they are bad enough for us to seek medical treatment. Phyllis, was no different. After suffering an injury to her left hip while golfing (or was it shopping, my memory fails me), she started receiving physical therapy for her hip. She received regular treatment, but says she actually left the appointment feeling worse than when she arrived. Finally, she decided the therapy wasn't helping, quit, and returned to Hubbard Training Systems. She had a good experience last year and was hopeful she would feel better.

After six weeks of training with me, Phyllis stated today that she feels great. Her hip is feeling better and she feels stronger overall.

While it seems logical to focus on strengthening her hip muscles, it helps to view the big picture. The hip muscles don't work in isolation, the hips are involved in almost all movements and interact with the spine and legs. So, we started with an assessment of her movements, worked on mobility exercises, and started strength training with very basic movements. We progressed the complexity and also worked in several different planes. Now, Phyllis just may be able to keep up with her grandkids and hit the mall in the same day!

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