Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Run of the Week, August 12th

Warm-up: mobility exercises, walk, jog, and run 5-10:00

Format: Intervals

Run Intervals: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2 miles

Rest Intervals: walk slowly until heart rate goes below 110 bpm

Post times and comments.

(Note: Runs will be posted every two weeks. If you perform the run please post your times....it is helpful and supportive for all blog readers who perform the runs...like a virtual group run.)


Anonymous said...

Slar says - I did this last night. It took me 20:21. I worked at 7.2 mph for a total of 1.82 miles. I like it when a lot of people post for the Run of the Week. It makes it more fun and enjoyable. I look forward to reading what people are doing.

Anonymous said...

Slar says - Took me 18:49 this time. Worked at 7.4 mph for a total of 1.73 miles.

Liz said...

Did average 6.3mph for total of 1.65 miles took 22 minutes. Yikes even mountain air didn't improve my time.

Anonymous said...

1.75miles in 17:09...set at 9.5 on treadmill. Jen

Anonymous said...

Slar says - Took me 20:17 this time. Worked at 7.6 mph for a total 1.79 miles. 29:00 including warm-up and cool down. 385 calories burned.