Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Run of the Week, July 21st

Warm-up: 5-10:00 of mobility exercises, walking, jogging, and running.

Format: Intervals, alternate Run and Rest Intervals until you complete all six Run Intervals.

Run Intervals: 0.25 miles x 6

Rest Intervals: 1:00 of slow walking

Post times and distances.


Anonymous said...

1.75 miles; 15:33...9.0 on treadmill. Jen

Anonymous said...

Slar says - 18:38 and 1.77 miles at 7.2 mph.

Liz said...

I started but managed to make my right knee start to ache again. Next time I will try without doing other workout first. I was doing average 6.5 and did 4 sessions, bumped up to 7mph because was feeling good and that is when it started to ache. May try again before end of week,or may just take time off. See everyone tomorrow morning:)I think I am getting old:)