Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to Choose the Best Fruits

Fresh fruit is an important part of a healthy diet (the amount of sugar in them is a small trade-off for all the other nutrients you receive). My friend, Judy Porter, RD, CD, (Run With Nutrition) sent me this good info on how to choose the best fruit:

Picking fresh, flavorful fruit can be a challenge but the tips below can help your chances for success.

Pineapple: Available year round but best in summer. Look for one that is heavy for its size, this indicates that it will be a sweet, juicy fruit; fragrant aroma. Dark green usually indicates that it’s not fully ripe and once they are picked they will not ripen further.

Lemons & Limes: Good all year. Choose one that is firm, shiny and heavy for its size. Avoid Shriveled or hard fruit.

Oranges: Available year round, but best in winter and early spring. One that is firm and heavy for its size is best. Avoid spongy or dry-looking fruit.

Cantaloupe: Available all year, but best in summer. Look for one that has a pleasant perfume like aroma; heavy for its size, no stem at end. Ripen at room temperature; they’re ripe when the skin webbing turns from green to beige.

Honeydew Melons: Available year round, best late summer through early fall. Choose one that’s heavy for its size, firm, creamy white, smooth surface; ripen at room temperature; they’re ripe when they smell perfumed.

Strawberries: Available year round, but best in early spring through summer. Choose strawberries that are firm, with bright color; fresh leaves and stems; avoid moldy or mashed fruit.

Watermelon: Best May through September. You want one with smooth skin; heavy for size-can not use smell as an indicator of ripeness with watermelon.

Blueberries: Best June through August. The best blueberries are plump, firm with dusky blue color. Avoid moldy or mashed fruit.

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