Wednesday, July 30, 2008

200 Snatches!

Goal Achieved! 200, 20kg kettlebell snatches in 9:55 (average power output 66 watts). Last week I fell short, 180 snatches in 10:00 (58 watts). Today, tweaked the technique slightly and shot for 21 reps per minute for the first three minutes. Had to push myself mentally through; many times I thought I should stop, but didn't. Oh, and felt exhausted, hyperventilating, my arms felt like rubber, and my shirt was soaking wet at the end of just 10 minutes!

Next goal: 175, 24kg snatches in 10:00 (69 watts).


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd give this a shot today...did it with a 12lb kettlebell. Did 200 in 7 mins. Had a good rhythm going, realise that the weight was too light to really be a big challenge, but had to start somewhere. Jen

Dan Hubbard, M.Ed., CSCS. said...

Good job Jen! Yeah, I think you need at least 18 pounds.