Friday, July 11, 2008

Burpee Challenge (Revised)

Burpees for Time. Originally, the challenge was going to be 80 burpees for time. However, after more consideration, I realized this is not a fair challenge for everyone. The burpee is a bodyweight exercise, so the more you weigh the more work (and harder it is). Therefore, use the following guidelines to select the number of burpees you have to perform, based on your bodyweight.

100# 100 burpees
110# 91 burpees
120# 83 burpees
130# 77 burpees
140# 72 burpees
150# 67 burpees
160# 63 burpees
170# 59 burpees
180# 56 burpees
190# 53 burpees
200# 50 burpees
210# 48 burpees
220# 46 burpees
230# 44 burpees
240# 42 burpees
250# 40 burpees

Under 16:00 is Good

Under 12:00 is Very Good

Under 8:00 is Great

Good Luck....don't forget to post your times!


Anonymous said...

Slar says - 40 in 8:53.....guess eveyone knows what I weigh now.

Dan Hubbard, M.Ed., CSCS. said...

You don't need to tell us how many burpees you did, unless you want. Just post your time.

Liz said...

okay did the 80 in 12:30 but reached my goal in 12 minutes:) I don't think I will do it again this week, but you never know. Neck seems to be holding out:)

Dan Hubbard, M.Ed., CSCS. said...

I will give it a try Friday. My goal is 48 under 5:00.

Dan Hubbard, M.Ed., CSCS. said...

48 in 3:45 and then had to rest for 10:00 before I could do anything else.

Anonymous said...

Slar says - Dan, I'm impressed....I think I'd need the defibrillator nearby. I did my 40 again...this time in 7:28! No DOMS this time. YAY!

Anonymous said...

traded the outdoor workout this morning for some extra sleep, but did burpee challenge...77 in 8:39. Jen