Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What We Do.....

For those of you who may be visiting Hubbard Training Systems for the first time, let me tell you what we do. Our mission is to help you improve your physical health, performance, and fitness with our knowledge and services. We use highly-effective and efficient exercises delivered in a fun, but challenging training session. We work with people of all fitness levels and safely, and appropriately customize the training. We train the body as a whole with movements. Our philosophy is to enhance posture, joint mobility and function, body awareness, develop full-body strength and work capacity. When this path is followed, you will have less joint pain, increased muscle, decreased bodyfat, increased energy and confidence, and improved overall health.

Currently we offer four services:
  • Full service, half-hour training sessions
  • Hour group training sessions
  • Personalized training programs with regular follow-ups
  • Body composition analysis and nutrition education for fat loss

For more information on these services click here.

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