Monday, June 16, 2008

Run of the Week, June 16th

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes with mobility exercises walking, jogging, and running.
Format: intervals
Run intervals: 0:45 (fast, ~ 125% of your mile pace) x 6
Rest intervals: 2:00 of walking at a slow pace (you want to feel almost fully recovered before next interval)
*Alternate Run and Rest intervals until you complete six run intervals. Your goal is to run all intervals at the 125% pace.
Good Luck!


Liz said...

Not sure of speed since did outside with dog in tow. It was so lovely last evening though hated to do it inside. Anyway managed to get about 1.4 miles with the six repetitions. Hope to make it tonight to the group training.

Liz said...

okay did it inside this time. Speed beween 7.2-7.8. Fastest I have ever done. Yeah. Plus didn't feel like I was going to fall of treadmill.