Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Run of the Week, April 14th

Warm-up: Progress from a walk to jog to run over 5-10:00, then restart treadmill (if you are using a treadmill).

Format: Alternate Run/Walk intervals until you reach the distance of 1.5 miles (or 15:00 if you are outside).

Run Interval: 0:45 (mod-hard, 8/10 intensity)

Walk: 0:30 (slow pace ~2.5mph, not based on heart rate)

Post times.

*Bonus points (and bragging rights) if you find a hill outside and run your intervals up the hill and walk down!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good luck on your tri LIZ. Is it this weekend?


Liz said...

Thank you, it is this Sunday, in Carmel. Hope that it doesn't rain:) I did Dan's run this week outside and I think I did it in 14 mins but hard to tell exact distance and speed. I am enjoying a couple days of rest, yeah. Then we will see how I do. Will let you know if I finish:)

Anonymous said...

1.25 miles in 15 minutes
not my best...but I had just finished some timed sets with Dan so I was already worn out. I'll give it another try later in the week. Jill